Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Unfortunate Bugger

A Czech scientist collecting insects from the Singalila National Park was arrested because such collecting is not allowed by Indian Laws regarding Conservation.

It is wonderful that this gentleman was actually apprehended, though it is my guess he had the best of intentions in mind. Singalila National Park is not the best known Conservation in the country, neither is it at all glamorous. Situated just off Siliguri it is one place where no one I know has ever visited. Trust me; people I know have visited everywhere (Antarctica excepted). Apart from a few signboards it is difficult to know that it is a Reserve Forest. So I guess this scientist just walked in it absent-mindedly, having all his concentration on the insects. It is difficult to shift from the minute to the macro with the velocity of Speedy Gonzales. Of course, there might be a host of other reasons why this man was apprehended. He might be an international man of mystery and so on and so forth, and if he is a colleague of James Bond why should he be excused for collecting bugs? You never know where he will place this bugs and what kind of info he might collect!

The magnitude of his crime is gradually sinking in. First of all he probably had scientific intentions in mind; second, he entered the forest unaware of the law of the land (a crime in itself); then he tampered with the basic fauna. Well, just thinking about it gives me goosebumps. It isn’t as if he stole a couple of trees or such, neither did he harm a few Royal Bengals – which are rarely noticed. Millions of trees are stolen each year from our forests, mostly by foresters. The tiger population is practically nil compared to earlier times. Rhinos are being found dead so frequently that it makes the head spin. But these are regular, hence not necessary to notice, occurrences. Of course, in a country where human beings lie dying and the system does not allow anybody to do anything, why should there be any special treatment for sub-human species! If you try to help then the whole system would try to stop you burying you in red tape and other harassments. You might end up becoming the criminal in the process.

So this initiative to stop debugging seems refreshing. Bugs are an integral part of the system. Without them where will we be?


Anonymous said...

Once when a visitor took a handful of earth to bring it to India,one native of china asked him to drop it as he wont allow this.Though there is no rule I was taken by surprise & tried ti understand him!Can you ?

Lazyani said...

Thanks for visting my site and putting your comments there.

I guess that there are issues about what is study material and what is plain poaching. However, what is alarming is the ease with which poaching happens across the forests in India.

Sayani said...

but then will that be wise to stop fighting ?
i know our system stinks but then it is us who make the system ..
i really appreciate for your thoughts ....
but i thinks it is tim eto act upon
wot say ?

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